You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months over-analyzing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could’ve, would’ve happened… or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move the fuck on.
Tupac Shakur

feels like im always pushing restart.

fuck it; it wasnt workin ..and it’s not worth exacerbating my anxiety.

so before i fuck up…lemme jes walk away. lol



James Baldwin

Beautiful. Brilliance. Blueprint.



James Baldwin

Beautiful. Brilliance. Blueprint.

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Countin how many fux i got to give like a aint got no fangaz.

Yo .

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if divine intervention  is or was ever a thing by whatever entity to whatever cosmos grants it..i sure wish ud surface urself. til then its tylenol pm. lack of sleep and insurmountable amounts of unmanageable bullshit thats making my entire soul hurt. 

i know others got it worse, but that doesn’t mean i still don’t hurt. 

mannnnn fuck this week all types of ways. 

my sadness is bankrupting my joy


so fucking true


so fucking true

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…I found out that Meshell Ndegeocello will be in town next month and i can still barely contain mysef. have you any idea, how quickly these tickets will be purchased when i get my next check? DO YOU?!

[SIGNAL BOOST] Please help


On May 9th, in Bay City, Texas, my step dad’s 21 year old unarmed nephew (a black man) was shot 4 times by sheriff’s deputy after a traffic stop. Police went to inform his family with guns drawn and would not release the location of the incident. They are also not sharing the details of the event.

My family is going crazy and my mom is trying to get a hold of the news and I’d really appreciate if you can help get this some attention please, I’ll do anything.

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Build your home inside of yourself. That seems to be the only way you’ll still stand

i do not live my life on a basis of comparison

so if that is in your rhetoric when you attempt to speak to me, to better me

know that i cannot grow by simply hinging my happiness on someone else’s misfortune. 

when someone that rarely, if ever, reaches out to you 

grab their hand

they’re lost in their sadness 

but if you don’t reach back

lack of true connection consumes them 


they’ll never ask again

i miss her 

i miss him

i miss them

but most of all i miss the pieces of me that they still possess. 

incomplete, that such a bitch

monogamy when you are loved, when there is no one else that compares, when for once you feel healthy with someone else… is a thing that happens naturally


so is not giving a fuck when your body, mind, soul, and heart is exhausted